Happy Holidays!

I hope all my friends around the world are enjoying their holiday season with their friend and family. I know that some of you will also be spending some of this time thinking about training… (I’ll be continuing to train

2015 Training Times & Locations

*the schedule is changed for the duration of my seminars, my senior students will be teaching Sunday and Thursday, please read below!   Sunday – 4pm – Mabashi Jinja Tuesday – 11am – Mabashi Jinja Wednesday – 11am – Mabashi

What are the basics (kihon) ?

What are the basics (kihon)? 基本 (Kihon; foundation, basis, standard)   Many people talk about the importance of learning the basics (kihon) in our martial art. “Without a good foundation”, they say, “You can’t really achieve a high level of