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2015 Training Times & Locations

*the schedule is changed for the duration of my seminars, my senior students will be teaching Sunday and Thursday, please read below!   Sunday – 4pm – Mabashi Jinja Tuesday – 11am – Mabashi Jinja Wednesday – 11am – Mabashi
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Ground Up-Core Out™ Kihon Happo Videos are Available!!

The human body has a built in process for optimal, efficient learning of movement that everyone of us went through as infants. We all began lying down, then gradually progressed up through sitting, kneeling (crawling), up to squatting/standing. At each
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What are the basics (kihon) ?

What are the basics (kihon)? 基本 (Kihon; foundation, basis, standard)   Many people talk about the importance of learning the basics (kihon) in our martial art. “Without a good foundation”, they say, “You can’t really achieve a high level of
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Practicing the Art of Soke Hatsumi

Many have talked about the way of Hatsumi as having no structure, but it really is the structure of no structure.
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接点 (setten) – The Contact Point, A kaname…

接点 ”Setten – Contact Point” In my previous article on kaname, or vital point, I covered several different types of kaname: 間合いの要 – Maai no Kaname, The Vital Point of Distance 動きの要 – Ugoki no Kaname, The Essence of Movement
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