Koto-ryu Koppojutsu


All 60 Koto-ryu techniques on 6 files in HD quality, total playing time is 55 minutes. 2.8 Gb (H.264, AAC, 1280x720p)

This was filmed at the Bujinkan Kaigozan Dojo during the summer of 2015. The theme was Koto-ryu Koppojutsu.

There is no verbal instructions on this film. Each technique is demonstrated several times from all angles. For more information about this ryu-ha click here! Please notice there is several sub-pages to this page with more information, also including an errata for the Densho book published by Hatsumi Soke.

All 60 techniques is demonstrated from several angles including slowmotion speed. There is no verbal instructions, we highly suggest you get the Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai book (what I call the Densho Book by Hatsumi Soke). This book have all Taijutsu techniques from all the Bujinkan ryu-ha described, it is a must have for all studying the Bujinkan arts.

虎倒流 骨法術

1. 五法構 GOHO NO KAMAE (5 techniques) Duration: 04:51 min / 255,3 MB on disk
2. 諸伝型 SHODEN KATA (18 techniques) Duration: 17:14 min / 897,4 MB on disk
3. 中伝型 CHUDEN KATA (12 techniques) Duration: 08:56 min / 471,6 MB on disk
4. 劈刀型 HEKITO KATA (8 techniques) Duration: 05:47 min / 303,6 MB on disk
5. 奥伝型 OKUDEN KATA (14 techniques) Duration: 13:18 min / 680 MB on disk
6. 皆伝型 KAIDEN KATA (3 techniques) Duration: 03:31 min / 191,4 MB on disk

Each file contains chapter markers for all the techniques for easy skipping to the technique you want to study. You can import the files to your iTunes library and sync it to your iPhone or iPad, or stream to the AppleTV. You can import it to any other library that supports the mp4 format and put it on your Android phone or tablet. Or you can play it directly from your hard drive, streaming to your TV etc.


Title: Complete Koto-ryu Koppojutsu with Mats Hjelm
Instructors: Mats Hjelm
Theme: Koto-ryu Koppojutsu Shoden, Chuden, Okuden, Hekito, Kaiden
Recorded: Recorded in Kaigozan Dojo, Stockholm July 2015

Kind: Apple MPEG-4 movie
Size: 2 799 357 430 bytes (2,8 GB on disk)
Dimensions: 1280×720
Codecs: 3GPP Text, H.264, AAC, Photo – JPEG
Duration: 55 min

Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu – Churyaku no Maki – Mats Hjelm

Gyokko-ryu Churyaku

20 minutes, 611.6 Mb for $14.99
(H.264, AAC, 960×540)

This was filmed on a seminar at Bujinkan Dojo Norrköping in November 2014. The theme was Gyokko-ryu Churuaku no Maki.

There is no verbal instructions on this film. Each technique is demonstrated several times from all angles. It is approximately 20 Minutes playing time.

玉虎流 中略の巻

1. 烏鵲 UJAKU
2. 鯖倒 SEITŌ
3. 挐振 DASHIN
4. 虎落 KORAKU
5. 蜂先 HOSEN
6. 槹 KŌ
7. 獅猿 SHIEN
8. 崩落 HŌRAKU

This is the second Taijutsu level in Gyokko-ryu and a very important if you want to learn the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu system.

The first two techniques is performed without weapons. The next six the attacker is using a Kodachi (small sword) so that Muto-dori is used. The last two is attacks from behind so you need to make use of the Sakki feeling (killing intention).

Title: Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu Churyaku no maki
Instructors: Mats Hjelm
Theme: Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu Churyaku no maki
Recorded: Recorded in Norrköping November 15’th 2014

Kind: Apple MPEG-4 movie
Size: 611 614 533 bytes (611,6 MB on disk)
Dimensions: 960×540
Codecs: 3GPP Text, H.264, AAC, Photo – JPEG
Duration: 19:48

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Shinken#10 Dean Rostohar & Sveneric Bogsäter – Play Time Is Over

Play Time Is Over

Official edited video
106 minutes, 1.31 Gb for $19.99
(H.264, 480p)
Edited video + Bonus material
207 minutes, 2.8 Gb for $29.99
(H.264, 480p)

Dean and Sveneric taught us how to use the knife, baton and pistol. They also taught how to defend against the same kind of attacks.

By learning how to use a knife and a pistol and getting to know how they can be used against someone, you also get a far better understanding how to defend yourself against these weapons. They also taught how to defend against the same kind of weapons and attacks. These techniques is done with the knowledge and principles of what we learn in Bujinkan Budo-taijutsu from grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi Soke.

Hatsumi Soke have asked Dean to teach us the real fighting principles from his experience as he see that many people in Bujinkan only play around without really understanding the true fighting principles that he teach. Sveneric have trained in martial arts for 60 years and brings a lot of knowledge and always makes us do a reality check.

This seminar was organized in Stockholm, Sweden at Kaigozan Dojo on May 31st and June 1st 2014.

Note: The camera we used was on and off malfunctioning, half of the time the picture quality was bad, so instead of the planned two full videos there is just one video with good quality (106 minutes). We made the remaining footage available to, the picture is not good but you can see pretty well but it is annoying in the long run so with the bonus package you get the edited video and both days raw unedited (everything we video taped) total 106 minutes (official version) plus 207 minutes (raw footage)