Bo Munthe, 70 years

photo-1Bo Munthe was the pioneer who brought Bujinkan to Sweden and Europe in. In 1975 Ischizuka Sensei came over for two weeks and introduced Bo to Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (then simply Ninjutsu), shortly after he went over to Japan and met Hatsumi Soke for the first time. If it wasn’t for him, who knows when someone else would have brought the art to Europe. He recently had his 70’th birthday. Hooray!

Click on over to Svenska Bujinkanförbundet’s web site and write him a few words.


From Bujinkan 40 Years in Europe by alexander

The DVDs are coming! We haven’t forgotten them by any means, but we have had some problems with the sound quality. Anne told me yesterday that these problems have been sorted, now we’re just looking at distributing the results. Stay tuned for just a little longer!

It’s over!

From Sweden Taikai 2013 - Sweden Taikai 2013 by alexander

Tai Kai Sweden 2012 is over, and I’ve had a few days to cool my brain down. It was quite a lot of work, and between Anne’s cold and my busted knee, we couldn’t participate in training all that much. It did give us time to circle around and get a feel for the whole event, and it would seem that the consensus is that Tai Kai Sweden 2012 was a smashing success!

We are working on the DVD as fast as we can, and I’m just about ready with the pictures I took. I shot 750 frames during the two days so it has taken some time to go through them and decide which to keep and which not to. They will be up in a day or three!

Once again a huge thank you to the instructors and all our participants, and I hope we will meet again at a future Tai Kai!

One week to go – information galore!

From Sweden Taikai 2012 by alexander

Dear all, we’re at one week and counting down! Here’s the latest batch of information:


Staying in the Kampsportcentred Dojo Friday night:
There will be plenty of people staying at Kampsportcentret during both the night between Friday and Saturday, as well as Saturday and Sunday. Just keep in mind not to leave any valuables there, since there are lots of other people outside the Bujinkan who have access to the premises.

Friday pretraining:
You’re welcome to join the pretraining on Friday (5/10) evening, between 7 p.m and about 9 p.m. We’ll keep it casual and anyone who wants to share something are welcome to teach. It will be a nice time to meet up and get to know each other a little and get some insight into what we train in different Dojo’s.

Bus: Take bus nr 2 from Trädgårdstorget (or any other bus stop on the way that fits better for you) and get of at Kompanigatan. (The trip takes about 10 minutes.) You’ll have to buy your ticket in advance as the driver will NOT accept cash! At Trädgårdstorget there is a green machine called a quickomat where you can pay with all the major bank and credit cards. You can also buy an SMS ticket: send an SMS with the text: LV to 72 365 and you’ll have the ticket sent to you.
When you get of the bus the entrance is right in front of you.

Car: Parking lots are available in the square in front of the building where we are training. It cost’s 40 kronor/day or 5 kronor/hour and you can pay with card or coins.
To get to the entrance, just walk around the building.

There are a couple of places around the area where you can get a decent lunch. On Saturday, when the lunch break is a little longer there’s enough time to walk down into central Linköping to get a bite if you want to. There’s also a a couple of convenience stores some 10 min walk from the venue.
We’ll have maps at the venue, and you can also have a look at the map below or at the information page to have an idea beforehand.

We will not arrange a Saturday eventing dinner for everyone, but feel free to ask for suggestions of where to eat before or during the Tai Kai. There’s no lack of nice restaurants in all price ranges in Linköping.

We will be selling some drinks and light snacks during Saturday and Sunday, but no regular food. The tap water is safe and good to drink, so we suggest you enjoy that as your training drink.

The instructors will be selling some of their own material during the training days. Keep a look out and talk to anyone of us in the staff (red/maoon shirts) or the instructor selling the material if you want to buy something.

With the venue, bus stop, parking lots and some restaurants and convenience stores marked.,15.614662&spn=0.022894,0.084543