My first training with Soke this year

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So I’m at the hotel going to bed soon after my first training with Hatsumi sôke this year. Soke was in good spirit as usual. Two basic techniques from Santo Tonko kata was covered, first one being when someone grab the collar from behind. Soke’s kept uke on the toes most of the time by moving before he could get a good grip, it was like he had eyes in the back of his head. He said that we shouldn’t worry if we fail or not, and referring to the poem; “if you think it is there it is not, and if you think it is not there, it is”.

There was around 30-40 people training in Ayase. I think it went pretty well with the techniques and feeling. We trained with Ninja-to, Senban, Shuko and Kyoketsu-shoge, or I should say we tried to, since we didn’t have any weapons to train with. My luggage got stuck in Zurich, I also almost got stuck to, I had to run between the flight connections because the flight from Stockholm was one hour late. But I had three seats on the flight all by myself, so after lunch/dinner I put myself horizontally and sleept until breakfast.

Well, now is bedtime, I should try to rest for tomorrows two trainings. Oh I also got myself a new Tokaido keikogi and belt, so now I look good.

Web site uppdates

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I made an even smaller seminar application that you can put on your web sites, check it out here. I forgot to tell you about the two previous versions, the slick one and the facebook application. It is still free to advertice seminars! For more info see here.

I updated the Shugyou portal now with seminar lists for this year and next year. When we moved the websites to a new server some things crashed. I found out that the newsletter mod didn’t work, and I had to upgrade this module. And even that one did not work, so I had to spend half the day reading support forums, and I finally fixed it. So if you subscribe to the newsletters you have a new mail from us today.

BTNet is also up and running, the forum software is still beta, but it seems pretty stable now. I won’t do any major work on it until the stable release. But this concerns only the back end, so start using it, the messages will still be there after the uppgrade…

There is a lot of new pictures up at the Kaigozan photo album. There was however a lot of spam on it, so I had to update the software. But it is still possible to add spam. It is quite easy to remove, but if it get too much I will close the registration process and ask you to contact me if you want to add pictures. But until then, please start uploading your pictures (Bujinkan related only!).


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Har uppgraderat fotoalbumet till coppermine 1.4.14. Laddade upp en hel bunt bilder igår också. Det var en hel del spam på albumet, det var ganska enkelt att ta bort. Jag tänkte prova och se om man kan öppna upp så att man kan registrera sig igen. Blir det spam igen så stänger vi och man måste mejla admin för att bli godkänd.

Forumet tror jag att jag glömt blogga också har blivit uppgraderat. Finns det intresse för medlemmar så öppnar vi ett Kaigozan forum på BTNet, aktivera er på forumet först!

Lade till en Clustermap längst ner till vänster också. Snart kan man se loggstatistik varifrån alla besökare kommer.

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu in Stockholm Sweden

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PROVTRÄNA GRATIS HELA JANUARI 2010! Vi välkomnar nybörjare året runt, förutom sista månaden på höst och vårterminen. Vi välkomnar också de som är mer avancerade, våra instruktörer är alltid väl uppdaterade från Japan med årets tematräning. Vi har träning i Sundbyberg på Albygatan 117. För mer information se vår hemsida Välkomna!
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