Kihon Seminar 2011 with Holger in Kaigozan Dojo

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This 82 minute video is from a seminar Holger taught at the Kaigozan Dojo in April/May 2011. On this video he teaches the Bujinkan Dojo Budo Taijutsu fundamentals. If you know the fundamentals really well you can then start putting each sequence together and better understand the ryu-ha kata. Without a good foundation, you can never really do the kata correctly. Download the full 82 minute video here... More information about this video ... The clips is from the morning sessions each day and contains ... Junan-undo : Warm-up exercises, self massage, flexibility and body conditioning exercises and routines. Kamae : Proper body postures and how to move, Sabaki. Tsuki : Striking exercises. Keri : Kicking exercises. Ukenagashi : How to block strikes and kicks. Nage : Throwing exercises. And much more. For example, we added 20 minutes extra material of some henka techniques from the Keiko#31 Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu Geryaku DVD (extra material that we couldn''t fit on the DVD). This DVD contains all 12 techniques from Geryaku (first level) of Gyokko-ryu and is 120 minutes long. For more information about this DVD, see ... (This DVD is not available for download!)
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