Bujinkan Kunoichi Taikai – August update

Dear fellow Buyu,

Here is the Kunoichi Taikai update for August.

There are over 225 attendees for the Kunoichi Taikai. The accommodations are now filled. The Training  package is the only registration possibility left. We now have a listing of some inexpensive hotels that might be of help in your planning process. Included is a link to finding others hotels should those not be to your liking. You can download this listing here.

There are a few women who have filled out a registration form, but we have not received payment from you. There are also a handful of women who have registered, paid a deposit and have not paid the balance. Everyone has been notified, and reminders sent out. The rooms that have been reserved are held until August 10th only. At that time, they will be released for those waiting. Only those who have paid in full have received a confirmation email. This contains details of their registration package and roommates (if you have one).  If you have not received this, (please check your emails) then you are not registered.

The Taikai schedule is complete. You can download it here. We will have 4 classes taking place simultaneously. We have a total of 10 breakout sessions (40 classes) and the opening and closing session as a group, with all instructors teaching briefly. We have for each session, training geared for basics, intermediate and advanced level. For those traveling by car, you may consider bringing weapons, and if you have extras, and would like to share, this would be great. Those traveling by air and train may have difficulty bringing weapons with them, and this will ensure the possibility of weapons training. There is something for everyone!!

The offerings for the Friday evening workshops are varied and sure to interest many of you! Feldenkreis, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Pilates and Training children, are just a few of the workshops being offered. Saturday evenings Marketplace will exhibit a variety of products and works of art and crafts. The Demonstration portion of the evening will show the skills of many talented women in a variety of areas. Those who have registered, will be receiving detailed information later this month. Overall, the Taikai, with its many classes, top notch female instructors and showcasing talents of all kinds is sure to be one you don’t want to miss. The only experience of its kind!!

The T-shirt/ sweatshirt design and order form can be downloaded here, or you can find it on the website here. If you are attending the Taikai, as a participant, you will receive your own, unique shirt as part of the package. The shirts on the order are for everyone, black with silver print. If you are interested in having one of these, and are attending, you can purchase it at the Taikai. If you are not attending and would like one, then fill out the order form and email it to the address listed.

We look forward to welcoming many Bujinkan Kunoichi in September. Check the News section of the website for continuing updates. Or better yet, subscribe for updates, that will continue after the event is over!

If you have questions regarding any aspect of the event, we encourage you to check the website for information and also to read the FAQ’s page, as most questions are answered there. We keep all information up to date.

This is an event you don’t want to miss!! Remember, this is only held this one time!!

Important Website Pages:

Fees and Costs
Instructors Bios
Sightseeing in Hannover
Support the Event

Ways you can help……

We have posters you can print and share with others and banners for posting on your website. You can access the posters in 2 sizes, A4 and Letter. The banners can be accessed here and for an animated banner, here.  Please also pass it on to other dojos – we are trying to e-mail as many as we can but there must be many, many more of us.

If you know companies or businesses who might like to sponsor or donate please contact us. We have a letter that can be sent to them with specific information.

Have you considered a fund raiser in your dojo to support female students attending? We have heard of some dojos holding a special event or seminar to help with the travel costs. What a great idea!

You might consider a personal or dojo donation to help defray some of the costs, as we are trying to keep this very reasonable. Any small amount is helpful.

Spread the word!!

For more information please visit www.bujinkankunoichi.com or with any questions you can email: info@bujinkankunoichi.com

In the spirit of Budo, thank you!

Sheila Haddad
Katrin Jansen
Taikai Organizers