Roll out the red carpet for the King! Mr. Peter King!

From Ninjutsu in the World by Paul

In this episode we get the wonderful opportunity to speak with Peter King, long time practitioner of Bujinkan martial arts, a former 30 year policeman in England and now a full time healer and health practitioner using techniques from the ancient art of healing, the Amatsu Tatara. Some of his technique was personally taught to him by Masaaki Hatsumi, Soke of the Bujinkan Martial arts path.  He recently released a book on the subject which you can pick up on Amazon.  Feel free to pick it up and start to heal thyself!

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You can meet Peter directly at his clinic or dojo in England or on one of the world wide seminars he does.

The King Clinic

Peter`s Dojo

Life Secrets of the Amatsu Tatara: The Documents of Takamatsu Toshitsugu, Interviews with Hatsumi Masaaki

Moroku Jutsu and the art of Muto Dori with Sveneric Bogsater!

From Ninjutsu in the World by Paul

It is truly and honor to get the chance to speak with Sveneric. Listen close to the gems he is serving up hidden in his Muto dori recipe and spiced with Moroku! At seventy three years old he is still training twice a week and doing world wide seminars.  An inspiration to all of us in the Bujinkan and martial arts world in general.  This man has too many stories and we just scratched the surface! Please enjoy!

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Points of View

You don`t know Jack! An interview with Jack Hoban.

From Ninjutsu in the World by Paul

Our very first episode kicks off with a chat featuring Jack Hoban. Ex Marine in charge of US Marine combat training.  Founder of  Tasked with the restructure of the Camden, NJ Police department, and more.  Listen to his story and how Ninjutsu influenced his life.

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About Jack Hoban

The Ethical Warrior

Dr. Robert Humphrey - Values for a New Millenium (book)


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