Let the golden voice of Craig Olsen drop some gold nuggets on you!

From Ninjutsu in the World by Paul Masse

Craig Olsen spent a many years in Japan training consistently and diligently with Hatsumi Sensei AND he took notes!  Today he is very generous to give us the benefit of his hard work and study as he drops some pure  jewels  from his training days on us! I am excited!

Also he will be releasing a book shortly that will have many more of these episodes in it. And I am beyond delighted to get to read of his experiences with Sensei.   This  is a short blurb about the book.    "This is not a book of techniques. It’s a collection of vital lessons transmitted through paintings, verbal mentorings and physical thrashings that I received from Hatsumi Sensei while training with him in Japan from 1997-2013. This book answers the question, “What was that like?”  Damn! Looking forward to this.

Be sure to check out Craig at his dojo in Charlotte, NC.  if you are in the states. 

Now lets get to it!

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