How a Polar Bear became happy and more with Arnaud Cousergue!

From Ninjutsu in the World by Paul Masse

We get a chance this week to speak with Arnaud, one of the European Shi Ten Ou or guardians of the Bujinkan.  He shares his cold beginnings in the snow during his yamabushi training period to how the Bujinkan lead him on a journey of training, friendship, gratitude and happiness.  It seems to me to be the personification of the teaching, "Cherish your connections"! So lets go get connected to the Polar Bear!

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See the polar bear in action in the snow! Which one is he?

If you need some Bujinkan knowledge, you would do well to check out his vast collection of online training resources at  Koi Martial Art.

Blow you mind with some amazing writings of India.

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