Get the lowdown on Ed Lomax! Australia`s original Yaban Jin!

From Ninjutsu in the World by Paul Masse

Today we talk with Ed Lomax from Adelaide, Australia.  Every time I speak with Ed, I learn a lot!  He is a veritable encyclopedia of information and top class in his work as a physiotherapist in his country. Also in terms of his personal training, he is always exploring and pushing the envelope to dig deep into the art as taught by Hatsumi Sensei.  I'm sure you will find his discussions enlightening. If you are in Australia, you can find him by messaging Takago ninpo dojo or catch him when he is teaching around the world.  Let's get into it! The picture is a painting Hatsumi Sensei did of Ed.  He captured it Yaban Jin, a brute or wild man!

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