Year: 2009

The Sea « Shugyo 修行

Slowing down in your training gives you the ability to gain a wider perception and sensitivity of what is occuring in your environment. We can use juppou sesshou to negotiate our space but also to gain a working knowledge of the type of ...…
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Shimenawa « Shugyo 修行

This is a quick offer to those who would like a new Shimenawa ( purification rope ) for the Kamidana at home or the dojo. The Shimenawa in Japan are generally only available during this period prior to the New Year. ...…
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Ninja Kids Eikaiwa « Shugyo 修行

Ninja Kids in Japan is a combination of teaching English and Ninja skills! The Children love being able to dress up and ” play ninja ” while also being challenged at English. I always want to keep them enthused about the training, ...…
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Noda Junior High School Embu 2006 « Shugyo 修行

Photo taken by Urban Grundstrom. This Embu was on a sunday. It was on the playing field of a Junior High School in Noda. The ground was very unstable and the vibrations from the Mompa ( battle hammer ) when it hit the ground was felt ...…
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Buyu « Shugyo 修行

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