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2015 Training Times & Locations

*the schedule is changed for the duration of my seminars, my senior students will be teaching Sunday and Thursday, please read below!   Sunday – 4pm – Mabashi Jinja Tuesday – 11am – Mabashi Jinja Wednesday – 11am – Mabashi
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Ground Up-Core Out™ Kihon Happo Videos are Available!!

The human body has a built in process for optimal, efficient learning of movement that everyone of us went through as infants. We all began lying down, then gradually progressed up through sitting, kneeling (crawling), up to squatting/standing. At each
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What are the basics (kihon) ?

What are the basics (kihon)? 基本 (Kihon; foundation, basis, standard)   Many people talk about the importance of learning the basics (kihon) in our martial art. “Without a good foundation”, they say, “You can’t really achieve a high level of
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Sweden Tai Kai 2011 – Sveneric Bogsäter, Duncan Stewart, Rob Renner, Steve Olsen


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300 minutes, 3.13 Gb for $44.99

Sveneric Bogsäter from Holland together with Rob Renner, Duncan Stewart and Steve Olsen from Japan was invited to teach at this Swedish Tai Kai organized by Mats Hjelm and Svenska Bujinkanförbundet. There was two DVD’s and two download videos released from this seminar. This Video is one part of this set.

At the Taikai all instructors had three classes each, one class with the whole big group, one class with all Shidoshi (5’th dan and above), and one class with Mudansha & Yudansha (beginners up to fifth dan).

120 minutes, 1.26 Gb for $19.99
(H.264, 480p) – Also available on DVD

Video with Sveneric Bogsäter and Rob Renner (120 minutes)

  • Sveneric taught Kihon-happo variations against one or two opponents to the whole group. At the Shidoshi-class he taught Taijutsu and Hanbojutsu. At the Mudansha & Yudansha class he taught Taijutsu
  • Rob taught how to understand the distance and footwork with unarmed and with a Hanbo to the whole group. At the Shidoshi class he taught how to do the Kihon-happo techniques against someone who is resisting, directions, balance breaking and distance. Against one and several opponents.

120 minutes, 1.26 Gb for $19.99
(H.264, 480p) – Also available on DVD

Video with Steve Olsen and Duncan Stewart (120 minutes)

  • Steve taught Taijutsu to the Shidoshi class and to the class with the whole big group.
  • Duncan taught drills how to learn the correct distance to the opponent, and Taijutsu techniques with or without small concealed weapons to the Shidoshi class. To the whole big group he taught and demonstrated Taijutsu with devastating efficiency. Unfortunately there was no footage of his Mudansha and Yudansha class.

Extra material from this seminar

The videos above was released on DVD, we put these two bonus videos out for download only.

On This video – Steve Olsen

20 minutes, 243 Mb for $6.99
Only available as download

This video is 20 minute where Steve Olsen taught the Mudansha and Yudansha class (ranks below 5’th dan). He taught a little sword cutting technique but mostly Taijutsu.

On This video – Rob Renner

32 minutes, 388 Mb for $6.99
Only available as download

This video is 32 minute where Rob Renner taught the Mudansha and Yudansha class (ranks below 5’th dan). He taught footwork, distance, taijutsu and unarmed training drills that will make you understand the basics better.

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Practicing the Art of Soke Hatsumi

Many have talked about the way of Hatsumi as having no structure, but it really is the structure of no structure.
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