the [youtube] rss feed

The videos to Y*uTub£ did not link correctly for a long time on mobile devices since they changed their API. Now I had some time over to look into it. So from now on I hope all the video links will be correct. I also filtered out [bujinkannice] which have spammed the feed the past months.

I know there are video’s uploaded to YT I wish never was uploaded, computer animated cartoon bears uploaded by an anonymous angry person with an agenda. Mr historian guy who demands answers from Hatsumi Soke who doesn’t even use computers, and when he don’t get an answer within a few hours he calls Bujinkan an fake art based on something he found on the internet. And then there are the persons who doesn’t even train in Bujinkan, but still tag their videos with “Bujinkan” in desperate need to get a bigger audience. So filtering out all this would be impossible unless doing it manually, which I don’t have time to do daily or even feel like. With all this in mind, don’t take the videos posted too seriously.

Happy training!