News update, August 16′th

From Sweden Taikai 2011 by Sweden Taikai 2011

Stockholm Tai Kai 2011

It is only one month until this great TAI KAI in Stockholm city, if you haven’t signed up on our web site please do that now! Right now we have 73 people from 12 countries signed up. 

It is not too late to sign up if you don’t know if you can come. If you decide late, you can just show up and pay the training fee at the door (no extra cost!).

There is no change of plans really, the instructors got their tickets, we got the venue, and we are excited! But here is a few news…

T-shirt’s, yes we will make a seminar T-shirt. We can’t show you how it will look right now, but it will be black shirts, the front chest will have the viking with the text “Sweden Tai Kai 2011″ under it. The back will have a big painting done by Hatsumi Soke. More info about this next week.

Seminar DVD will be filmed. Pre-orders will only be available during the seminar, the cost will be 350 SEK and it will probably be four discs. DVD will be region free and NTSC system. Payment is done at the booking, and the DVD-set will be sent by mail when it is done (usually within 3-4 weeks).

Saturday dinner and Party. We will have a closed party for participants and friends at Kaigozan Dojo close by. If you want to participate you have to sign up on Friday or latest at Saturday lunch time. You can participate without dinner, but you still have to sign up and we ask you to come little later when people have finished eating. If you want the dinner it will cost around 200-250 SEK paid in advance.

Things to bring with you, we have given the instructors freedom to teach what they want. They will probably build the training’s on what has been done in Japan this year. As usual it is mostly Taijutsu, but do bring small training weapons such as knife, rope etc, also swords (no sharp weapons will be allowed in training!). We have quite a big dojo booked, but we might split the group in two and train outside in the park (bring tabi, extra sweatshirt).

Accomodation will be offered by Stockholm Dojo’s. We will use Kaigozan Dojo for the party, so it will not be very comfortable for sleeping in unless you are prepared to go to sleep late, plus that we will remove all tatami. More information later on this…

Sponsored by Svenska BujinkanförbundetIf I forgot something please contact me.

/Mats Hjelm – Seminar organizer
kabuto bujinkan se (that’s with an @ and a . in between)

Sweden Tai Kai 2011 is sponsored by Svenska Bujinkanförbundet

Something is happening again!

From Sweden Taikai 2011 by Sweden Taikai 2011

The web site is being updated again, it can only mean one thing. Something big is about to happen again. We are currently talking to instructors and deciding exact date.

Keep your eyes on this web site the next couple of weeks to find out what it is. All we can say at the moment is…



Sponsored by Swedish Bujinkan Federation!

And you won’t believe your eyes!

PS. Don’t plan something for September until you read about what we are up to, because you will be sorry if you book the same date for something else.