Shinken#10 Dean Rostohar & Sveneric Bogsäter – Play Time Is Over

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Play Time Is Over

Official edited video
106 minutes, 1.31 Gb for $19.99
(H.264, 480p)
Edited video + Bonus material
207 minutes, 2.8 Gb for $29.99
(H.264, 480p)

Dean and Sveneric taught us how to use the knife, baton and pistol. They also taught how to defend against the same kind of attacks.

By learning how to use a knife and a pistol and getting to know how they can be used against someone, you also get a far better understanding how to defend yourself against these weapons. They also taught how to defend against the same kind of weapons and attacks. These techniques is done with the knowledge and principles of what we learn in Bujinkan Budo-taijutsu from grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi Soke.

Hatsumi Soke have asked Dean to teach us the real fighting principles from his experience as he see that many people in Bujinkan only play around without really understanding the true fighting principles that he teach. Sveneric have trained in martial arts for 60 years and brings a lot of knowledge and always makes us do a reality check.

This seminar was organized in Stockholm, Sweden at Kaigozan Dojo on May 31st and June 1st 2014.

Note: The camera we used was on and off malfunctioning, half of the time the picture quality was bad, so instead of the planned two full videos there is just one video with good quality (106 minutes). We made the remaining footage available to, the picture is not good but you can see pretty well but it is annoying in the long run so with the bonus package you get the edited video and both days raw unedited (everything we video taped) total 106 minutes (official version) plus 207 minutes (raw footage)

Kaigozan Spring Seminar with Sveneric & Dean

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If you want to attend this seminar you must sign up on the website now before Sunday 13’th.

If you don’t sign up now you should read my ranting below. I will have no tolerance for people not showing me respect for organising a seminar by following my simple requests…

More than two weeks ago I wrote on Facebook and Twitter that I needed x amount of people signed up for the seminar to decide if I need to rent a bigger dojo before yesterday. I thought I’ll use this news list and extend the time to this Sunday evening.

If you are interested to attend this seminar I want to know now, you need to sign up on the web site (I don’t accept sign ups by email, Facebook etc, only from the web site form). And you need to do it before Sunday to be guaranteed a place at the seminar.

If I don’t get more than 33 people by Sunday evening I will not be able to book a bigger dojo and accept more participants.

You need to understand that I’m taking the financial risks. The instructors will get paid from my own pocket if I can’t get exactly 33 paying members. And we can’t squeeze in more people in the dojo, it wouldn’t be fair to the people that did what I asked and signed up early.

If you decide you want to attend late we might have filled up all places because I didn’t book a bigger dojo. If you’re high ranking or friend doesn’t matter you caused me problems. If you come unannounced and expect to be welcome you take things for granted. You could stand there and cry, but it doesn’t help the situation. If the seminar is in my dojo we have limited places, and there will be no special treatments.

I’ve seen this trend more and more the past 20 years. The first seminars I organised we had ~50 people signed up three months ahead, ~10 more signed up late. Now it is the opposite which makes it difficult to plan things, and we need to change this trend back.

I know there are those who can’t decide until last week, it is the same for me sometimes. But if it is a seminar I really want to go to, I sign up immediately and make sure I can attend. The art of planning and commitment seems to be disappearing.

Sometimes I can’t decide until the last week, then I’ll check to see if I would be welcome. If not I wouldn’t blame the organisers or cry about it.

Alright sorry for ranting but I don’t think everybody understand or take things for granted. If I get enough people that it would pay the extra rent for a bigger dojo I have no problems, this time.

If I rent a bigger dojo we can accept up to ~70 people. I kinda promised free beer if there is more than 50 people.

Again please sign up now!

Happy trainings!

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Sweden Tai Kai 2011 – Sveneric Bogsäter, Duncan Stewart, Rob Renner, Steve Olsen

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Buy all the videos described below,
or buy them separately

300 minutes, 3.13 Gb for $44.99

Sveneric Bogsäter from Holland together with Rob Renner, Duncan Stewart and Steve Olsen from Japan was invited to teach at this Swedish Tai Kai organized by Mats Hjelm and Svenska Bujinkanförbundet. There was two DVD’s and two download videos released from this seminar. This Video is one part of this set.

At the Taikai all instructors had three classes each, one class with the whole big group, one class with all Shidoshi (5’th dan and above), and one class with Mudansha & Yudansha (beginners up to fifth dan).

120 minutes, 1.26 Gb for $19.99
(H.264, 480p) – Also available on DVD

Video with Sveneric Bogsäter and Rob Renner (120 minutes)

  • Sveneric taught Kihon-happo variations against one or two opponents to the whole group. At the Shidoshi-class he taught Taijutsu and Hanbojutsu. At the Mudansha & Yudansha class he taught Taijutsu
  • Rob taught how to understand the distance and footwork with unarmed and with a Hanbo to the whole group. At the Shidoshi class he taught how to do the Kihon-happo techniques against someone who is resisting, directions, balance breaking and distance. Against one and several opponents.

120 minutes, 1.26 Gb for $19.99
(H.264, 480p) – Also available on DVD

Video with Steve Olsen and Duncan Stewart (120 minutes)

  • Steve taught Taijutsu to the Shidoshi class and to the class with the whole big group.
  • Duncan taught drills how to learn the correct distance to the opponent, and Taijutsu techniques with or without small concealed weapons to the Shidoshi class. To the whole big group he taught and demonstrated Taijutsu with devastating efficiency. Unfortunately there was no footage of his Mudansha and Yudansha class.

Extra material from this seminar

The videos above was released on DVD, we put these two bonus videos out for download only.

On This video – Steve Olsen

20 minutes, 243 Mb for $6.99
Only available as download

This video is 20 minute where Steve Olsen taught the Mudansha and Yudansha class (ranks below 5’th dan). He taught a little sword cutting technique but mostly Taijutsu.

On This video – Rob Renner

32 minutes, 388 Mb for $6.99
Only available as download

This video is 32 minute where Rob Renner taught the Mudansha and Yudansha class (ranks below 5’th dan). He taught footwork, distance, taijutsu and unarmed training drills that will make you understand the basics better.


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118 minutes, 1.2 Gb for $19.99
(H.264, 400p)
Available as download or DVD

Teachers was Mariette v.d. Vliet (Netherlands), Sveneric Bogsäter (Sweden/Netherlands), Holger Kunzmann (Germany), Lauri Jokinen (Finland) and Mats Hjelm (Sweden). They are all well known and respected teachers.

There is not much to say about this DVD, we trained and had fun. There was no particular theme for the whole seminar, the teachers taught everything from basics to more advanced techniques and feeling. Mostly Taijutsu, but also weapons such as the Katana, Tachi, Yari, Kusari-fundo.

The instructions is all in ENGLISH with Swedish, Finnish, German and Dutch accents ;-) It is 2 hours playing time.

There is also a bonus segment that we couldn’t fit on the DVD, so we released it as a downloadable format… click here for the bonus video

Who is the Teachers

Use the search on this site or click on the tags, I’m sure you already know who they are…

KAIGOUSURU 2007 TAIKAI – The BEST and the LAST Training Party

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Buy the DVD click here!395 minutes (that’s about 6.5 hours material!), get it all for $29.98 Scroll down to get the discount. Or buy videos separately from $11.99.

Kaigousuru 2007 – the eleventh and The BEST and the LAST Training Party with…

- Ed Martin (USA)
- Holger Kunzmann (Germany)
- Lauri Jokinen (Finland)
- Mariette v.d. Vliet (Holland)
- Mats Hjelm (Sweden)
- Michael Schjerling (Denmark)
- Morten Østenstad (Norway)
- Moti Nativ (Israel)
- Sveneric Bogsäter (Holland)

- Sheila Haddad (USA) was also attending the seminar, she taught massage on the bonus video only.

This years theme was Kukishin-ryu Dakentaijutsu and most of the instructors had been in Japan this year. Many techniques from most Kukishin-ryu Dakentaijutsu levels was taught, the emphasis most instructors taught this year was basics, basics, basics. This was maybe the best Kaigousuru Taikai of all! It was the last Kaigousuru R.I.P.

We had the Kaigousuru 2007 DVD for sale here, now we also released the Bonus material (see below).

395 minutes (that’s about 6.5 hours material!), get it all for $29.98 Scroll down to get the discount. Or buy videos separately from $11.99.

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden April 2007

All movies are 640×360 (H.264, AAC), in windows rename file from .M4V to .MP4 if you have problems.


Part 1 – 132 minutes, 1.38 Gb for $11.99

Kaigousuru Taikai 2007 part 1

132 minutes Moti Nativ from Israel, Mariette v.d. Vliet from Netherlands, Sveneric Bogsäter from Sweden/Netherlands, Ed Martin from the United States and Mats Hjelm from Sweden all taught Taijutsu and weapons.

Part 2 – 94 minutes, 963 Mb for $11.99

Kaigousuru Taikai 2007 part 2

94 minutes Holger Kunzmann from Germany, Morten Østenstad from Norway, Michael Schjerling from Denmark all taught Taijutsu and weapons.

Part 3 – 101 minutes, 1014 Mb for $11.99

Kaigousuru Taikai 2007 part 3

101 minutes Sveneric Bogsäter from Sweden/Netherlandsd, Holger Kunzmann from Germany, Lauri Jokinen from Finland, Ed Martin from the United States all taught Taijutsu and weapons.

Bonus – 68 minutes, 810 Mb for $9.99

Kaigousuru Taikai 2007 Bonus Material

68 minutes bonus material that didn’t fit on the DVD. Ed Martin taught breathing Exercises, Moti Nativ taught Feldenkrais ATM (Awareness Through Movement), Sheila Haddad taught how to boost energy with massage acupressure.

Special discount prices

All 4 Kaigousuru 2007 videos

Get all four videos above and save $15.97. Total 395 minutes and 4.1 Gb download

All the videos above – 395 minutes, 4.1 Gb for $29.99