Kaigousuru 1997-2007 RIP …only 19 days left to the beginning of the end!

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1997-2007, 10 years of Bujinkan History

With world renowned instructors such as: Arnaud Cousergue (France), Dean Rostohar (Croatia), Elias Krzywacki (Sweden/Norway), Ed Martin (USA), Hans Nilsson (Sweden), Keith Porter (UK), Lauri Jokinen (Finland), Lubos Pokorny (Czech Republic), Mariette Van Der Vliet (Holland), Mark O’Brien (USA/Japan), Mats Brickman (Sweden), Mats Hjelm (Sweden), Michael Schjerling (Denmark), Pedro Fleitas (Spain), Peter Jonsson (Sweden), Rikard Sundelius (Sweden), Shawn Gray (Canada/Japan), Sheila Haddad (USA) 15th Dan, Steffen Fröhlich (Germany), Sveneric Bogsäter (Sweden/Holland), Thomas Franzen (Sweden), and many more..

Kaigousuru has become one of Europe’s finest Bujinkan seminars/gatherings. It is with not without sadness, that we announce that this year will mark the end of Kaigousuru. We have decided that after struggling for 10 years to make ends meet and meet all the demands of our participants, have taken its toll on us. We will therefore make this end a glorious one, for everyone attending, as it is as much a celebration as it is an end, for all of us.

This does not however, mark the end for us or our continued participation in Bujinkan activities. It is only the natural cause of things, that it has had its way, and that it now opens up for the beginning of something new. It is harder today for any organizer of Bujinkan events to make ends meet, with so many seminars and good instructors available all over the world.

It has been a great time for us, who have organized and hosted The Kaigousuru event for all of you these last 10 years. We have had a great time, and hope that everyone who have attended have had the same.

We hope that Kaigousuru, as an idea, will continue to live on in your hearts, shaping Bujinkan into what it will be tomorrow.

We will end this by giving all of you a challenge.

Don´t miss out on this last event, the last of 10-years creative and familiar Bujinkan training parties!
April 27th, 28th and 29th, 2007

Register now, there is still space available.

Don’t miss out!

We hope to see you all at Kaigousuru, training and celebrating the end of the beginning with us!

The organizers of Kaigousuru
Mats Hjelm & David Rodriguez

Bujinkan Kurokawa Seminar

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This weekend I visited Riga again for the third Bujinkan seminar in Latvia sponsored by Juris and the Bujinkan Kurokawa Dojo. It was good to see my old friends again. Also to see how they have grown in the art since last year.

My flight was a couple of hours delayed, so I had nothing else to do than read a good book about Yoga written 93 years ago, quite interesting, and have a couple of Hoegardens (my new favorite beverage).

On Friday there was an extra training in the dojo which is located in the middle of the old town in Riga. We started with basic warm up which in my way of teaching almost always includes Sanshin no kata, Taihenjutsu ukemi and Kihon-happo. Then after maybe 40 minutes, I let Ivars show a technique he wanted me to work on, this evening it was a defense technique against a straight punch to the nose. I did a few variations on it, both with the opponent trying to hit the face area with his fist, but also against a hidden weapon. For example a hidden knife hold reversed in the attackers hand.


On Saturday we started the seminar with basic jodan-tsuki and jodan-uke drills, then we went in to ukemi, and then later Gekkan from Shindenfudo-ryu. Then it was time for lunch in the local food court at the shopping mall. In the afternoon, more training.

Later in the evening there was fireworks in the city. It was the national independence day and it was very crowded. We were a little late so we couldn’t get to the front row, but we could still enjoy the fireworks. After we went to a salsa club in old town for a few drinks, salsa is big in Riga now they said. We didn’t stay for long, there was training the day after to.

On Sunday we started with sword training, just the Jodan-giri cut. From Jodan no kamae down to Seigan no kamae, with both hands and also with only the right hand (like a cut with the tachi) but also with just the left hand for practice, that was difficult and good strength training for the arms. Then we did a shindenfudo-ryu technique (I forgotten now which one), then lunch. After lunch we did some Jutte training, just basic kata from Kukishin-ryu. Then in the afternoon we finished with a Nawa-jutsu technique and a few rope tricks.

the group

On Monday, my flight was promptly on time much to my surprise, and the trip home went smoothly.

A BIG thanks to Juris (on my right on the picture), Ivars (on my left on the picture) and all the other guys for taking so good care of me. I’m already looking forward to the next seminar, hopefully in August when the weather is a little better.

For more information about training in Latvia please check out the Bujinkan Kurokawa Dojo web site at w w w . k u r o k a v a . c o m web site.

Happy training!


Ozaru runs for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

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The silver bearded gorillaI got this message from a Bujinkan bûyû from UK that will be running 7 km for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, please read…

About Ozaru, well he is most famous in Bujinkan for travelling around the world with Hatsumi Soke for many years as his translator for Taikai in the 90’s up until the last Taikai in 2003. He also translated the Bujinkan Densho Sanmyaku, more about him at his web site.

Dear customers, colleagues and friends,

In less than three weeks’ time, on September 24, I will again be dressing in a gorilla suit and running through the streets of London to raise funds for The Gorilla Organization (until recently the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund). Some of you will know that I’ve done this for the last three years — thanks to your support, last year I even managed to be the top individual fund-raiser at the event (see www.japanesetranslations.co.uk/bujinkan/ozaru-run.htm). This year might however be my last, as I’m not sure my knees will last another year…

I’m naturally hoping to raise more than last year, and have enlisted the help of several friends. So far the team stands at 5, but there is still time to join us. It really is great fun, and despite what I said above, not too arduous — have a look at www.gorillas.org/greatgorillarun for details, and www.rungorillarun.com/sponsorme.html for a cool Flash video.

If you’re unable to take part yourself, we’d all be very grateful for your sponsorship. It’s in a very good cause, as TGO not only works to save great apes in great danger, it also works to promote ecologically sustainable development in the surrounding communities. The easiest way to sponsor us is by credit or debit card via www.justgiving.com/ozaru2006, as this also makes it simpler for the charity to reclaim Gift Aid from the taxman. Companies can even account for their donations as publicity expenses (you’re welcome to include a link to your website in your comments on the page). If you don’t have a credit/debit card or can’t donate via the website for some other reason, let me know as there are plenty of other methods.

Otherwise, I hope you’re all well, and look forward to hearing your latest news soon.

Best wishes,

Ben Jones

Shizen, the cause of nature and adapting to it

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We now have over 100 people signed up for this years Taikai. Many people from different countries, most notably is Czech Republic with 16 people and Finland with 15 people, the rest is spread evenly between 10 other countries.

Unfortunately Sveneric and Mariette can not come this year. Mariette had to remove one of her upper ribs 10 years ago. Over the years her shoulder have dropped down and caused impaired moveability and pain. And now she is going to do surgery to fix it. Both Sveneric and Mariette would have loved to come, but they can’t. We already invited them for next year and they have gladly accepted.

I know some of you will be disappointed but that is life. Shizen is also this years theme, things change naturally and we have to adopt to the changes naturally and do the best we can without looking back of what could have been. It will be a great Taikai regardless. We still have many other good instructors that will come. Maybe we will add more instructors or increase the remaining instructors teaching time.

However this will not affect the overall training quality or amount of training opportunity!