Seminar in Gefle with Serrano Shihan

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The past weekend I went to a seminar with Bujinkan Shihan Manuel Serrano from Spain. It was a very good seminar I wish that more people would have attended. Anyway there was about 35 people in total, Serrano brought seven students with him.

The first day Serrano taught variations of Taihenjutsu ukemi from Togakure-ryu. And some Taijutsu henka, along with (strange) fun and games. One guy in the middle was jumping on one leg and chasing everyone else and when he whip someone with the belt every one attacked the guy and whipping him with their belts until he got to the safe zone. Then it was his turn to chase the next victim.

The second day more games, and some techniques from Zanto Tonko no Kata. Also some interesting techniques using a rope, since most people didn’t have a rope we all used belts instead.

Thanks to Serrano Shihan for coming and Patrik Johansson and the staff at the Bujinkan Gefle Dojo for organizing this seminar.

You can see the pictures at I also uploaded pictures from the last two seminars at Kaigozan this year.

This weekend I will be going to Riga, Latvia :-)

Keiko09 – Tim Bathurst

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Title: Bujinkan Keiko #9

Instructors: Tim Bathurst - 13\'th Dan

Theme: Roppô Kuji no Biken + Rokushakubô-jutsu - (Bujinkan Sword, Taijutsu & long staff)

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden August 2004

Format: DVD/R which plays on all computers using and ordinary DVDRom. It also plays on most DVD players (check your manual!).

135 Minutes playing time top quality.

Language: English

Who is Tim Bathurst
Good question… Tim is a senior student of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, living and training in Tokyo Japan. After a few visits starting in 1990, Tim moved to Japan in 1997 and is one of the few foreigners to have earned the title of Shihan while living in Japan. Presently graded at Judan-ka (10th Dan-Fire level…13th Dan to some.)

Tim has never been in the Military, never served as a police officer, never done personal security, never been to war... Actually, the only thing he has really done is train with the best of the Bujinkan for the last dozen years or so.

If you\'ve been to Japan in the last 5 years or so you would have seen Tim at Hatsumi sensei\'s or Nagato sensei\'s dojos. If you\'re unlucky you will also have to put up with him translating from Japanese into his own Australian version of English… and occasionally into rather poor Spanish.

One of the huge benefits of training for so long in Japan is that Tim has learnt his weapons technique as well as his Taijutsu directly from the Grandmaster and the top Master students of the Art.

From his own web site...

What is on the video
In August 2004 he came to visit us in Stockholm, Sweden to give a seminar on this year’s Bujinkan theme, Roppô Kuji no Biken. He taught sword, unarmed defence, and the rokushakubô. Tim explained what would work and what probably would not work in a real situation. The theme of this seminar was very much Shinken-gata, true or real combat methods.

He taught
ukemi with sword,
basic kamae,
basic drawing and cutting,
and many sword techniques... Engetsu Sappô,
Nito-ryû, Hiryû-ken,
Datô no ken,
Kochô-gaeshi and many more.

He also taught Mutô-dori, stopping someone to use his sword, how to use the sword if stopped and much more. Also the six foot staff technique Gohô was covered in detail.

The first hours of Sunday morning is not on this video, it will be on the \"Kihon Happo Video\" with Tim together with the x-tra training class he did right before the seminar in Kaigozan Dojo.


The past Holger K seminar

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We had a very good seminar here recently with Holger Kunzmann, I really encourage everyone to go to his seminars! On the extra training on Friday we had asked him to teach Kihon Happo, and he did. He went through all eight techniques on Friday extra training and Saturday morning. Sunday morning he did Sanshin no kata for warm up training.

But the main theme for the seminar was Togakure-ryu Santo Tonko no Kata.
- Three unarmed techniques against an unarmed opponent
- Three unarmed techniques against a sword attack
- Three armed techniques against several opponents

He taught many very good applications and said many interesting things. One thing related to all the past years of training themes is that if you take each theme and make a map of each theme you can clearly see each theme’s structure. Then make them all semi transparent and put them on top of each other and look through them all, this is what we are doing now in training.

Let’s take it even further, take all maps and put them together, press them together really hard (under heat and pressure) until it become a raw diamond. What we try to do next is to cut the diamond, so that we can look through each prism. This I would like to think is the Jewel of Bujinkan.

An interesting thought, right? Remember when Soke said 10 years ago or so that he was going away like a rocket from now on, and if people did not train with him frequently they would be left behind. If you honestly look in the mirror and ask yourself, only you know the true answer. What other people think of you is really not important, as long as you can stand in front of the mirror and see your own weaknesses and try to strengthen them, then it is ok. If you do that I say “ganbatte kudasai”, if not I’m sorry to say that you have completely misunderstood the Bujinkan training completely. Our training is about “masai” constantly polishing our art.

If you just started training or was left behind, don’t worry, just follow the rockets that is following the main rocket. Not all rockets is following the main rocket, so be careful :-D

Well, enough rambling for today… Keep on going!