Arrived to Tokyo this morning

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…and now I’m finishing up my soya latte before heading out to honbu dojo (I don’t know if there is an extra training during the day, I hope so).

The weather is fine a little cloudy but warm and humid as I expected. Well it’s time to go :)

How the site looks on different browsers

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I’ve been working with two stylesheets, one for devices bigger than 480px which would be people browsing on a computer. And one stylesheet that gets called if the screen resolution is smaller, which would be mobile devices, specifically for iPhone and iTouch.

These pages look best in the following order Safari then Firefox. Opera and iExplorer last. Click on the next page to see screendumps from each browser.

Safari 3.12 (as it should look)

Firefox 3.01 (missing the glow effect on headers)

Opera 9.20 (also missing the rounded corners in headers)

iExplorer 7 (looks similar to Opera, the menu (not showed here) looks weird and needs more tweaking)

This is how it looks with Safari on the iPhone

It would be interesting to see screendumps from other browsers, especially phones. Please send it to us!

Hello world!

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Welcome to This blog was installed, I will start blogging here soon :-) .

This web site is under construction. It is optimized for iPhone and browsers capable of CSS3/W3C standards such as Safari, Opera and Firefox.

Dean Rostohar – Shinken kata vol 2-3 – Knife and Pistol

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Dean Rostohar teaches unarmed defence against knife and pistol. He also taught how to use the knife, and how to use pistol from close distance. If you learn how to use these weapons you can also learn how to defend yourself against them.

He also showed many tactic manouvers how to take out a guard, and also how to avoid the same situations. Also how to act as a bodyguard...

We also added a few clips from his shooting videos so you can see how it is done with a real gun against targets.

With Dean Shihans experience from real fighting in war, and also from his time in the police force in Croatia he certainly know what he is doing. For his full resume, check out his web site... Dean bio or SPECWOG bio

- Check out these pictures from Kaigozan extra training and the seminar
- Article writen by Dean about the seminar click here!
- Read what some of the participants wrote, click here!.

Two DVD set, NTSC, Region Free, playing time is 230 minutes