Kabutoshimen web site update

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As you may have noticed I have been very busy updating all my/our web sites with new style and skins. Most of the sites is 100% XHTML validated, and should look the same on all browsers. They look best on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and iExporer (in that order!). Some of the sites that is updated is (in no particular order)…

Web sites (all is hand coded)
taikai.se (runs on Drupal)
budoshop.se (runs on MagentoCommerce)

Blogs (all is WordPress MU with different skins)

todo (sites that need something)
budo-taijutsu.net (maybe? low priority)

I need to do a Site map of all my/our web sites is necessary, to keep track of them all, anyone have any ideas? Please comment!

Ozaru runs for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

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The silver bearded gorillaI got this message from a Bujinkan bûyû from UK that will be running 7 km for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, please read…

About Ozaru, well he is most famous in Bujinkan for travelling around the world with Hatsumi Soke for many years as his translator for Taikai in the 90’s up until the last Taikai in 2003. He also translated the Bujinkan Densho Sanmyaku, more about him at his web site.

Dear customers, colleagues and friends,

In less than three weeks’ time, on September 24, I will again be dressing in a gorilla suit and running through the streets of London to raise funds for The Gorilla Organization (until recently the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund). Some of you will know that I’ve done this for the last three years — thanks to your support, last year I even managed to be the top individual fund-raiser at the event (see www.japanesetranslations.co.uk/bujinkan/ozaru-run.htm). This year might however be my last, as I’m not sure my knees will last another year…

I’m naturally hoping to raise more than last year, and have enlisted the help of several friends. So far the team stands at 5, but there is still time to join us. It really is great fun, and despite what I said above, not too arduous — have a look at www.gorillas.org/greatgorillarun for details, and www.rungorillarun.com/sponsorme.html for a cool Flash video.

If you’re unable to take part yourself, we’d all be very grateful for your sponsorship. It’s in a very good cause, as TGO not only works to save great apes in great danger, it also works to promote ecologically sustainable development in the surrounding communities. The easiest way to sponsor us is by credit or debit card via www.justgiving.com/ozaru2006, as this also makes it simpler for the charity to reclaim Gift Aid from the taxman. Companies can even account for their donations as publicity expenses (you’re welcome to include a link to your website in your comments on the page). If you don’t have a credit/debit card or can’t donate via the website for some other reason, let me know as there are plenty of other methods.

Otherwise, I hope you’re all well, and look forward to hearing your latest news soon.

Best wishes,

Ben Jones

Bujinkan community

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Well, I guess the new community web site won’t get much more ready for release than it is now. So we might as well release it anyway. Please feel free to check it out and get familiar with it, find all the neat features and stuff.

The web site is simply called BTNet which means Budo Taijutsu Network

If you want to help us build it up, you can! We need moderators for each forum group, if you are interested let us know.