Hira-sankaku Su-yari

From Paart Budo Buki by buki stolar

Hello my Budo friends,

here is few new pictures of my new Hira-sankaku Su-yari

I improve this type of Yari adding more details like is Kabura maki or Chidome, also new Ishizuki or Hirumaki, on blade in new octagonal Kerakubi, Tachiuchi is wrap better etc.
Enjoy in pictures 

if you think that is all, well my friends there is more :-))

Sasumata, wooden

From Paart Budo Buki by buki stolar

Dear friends, one of my new project's is Mitsu-dogu or arresting tools, from Edo period used by Samurai police,
first I make sasumata because technically it was most complicate to make, according to some book's sasumata is on of three tools of arresting or torimono sandogu


From Paart Budo Buki by buki stolar

here is picture of Nyoibo heavy pole, this one from picture is now in Sveneric sensei doyo, so you could see it there, if you need more info about this just mail me

I was try to copy  this Nyoubo which have Soke Hatsumi

wooden jutte

From Paart Budo Buki by buki stolar

trying to make the best Jutte for training, through all these years, I made several versions of the wooden Jutte.
All these versions are tested in the Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Croatia, somehow it seems to me that this is the best version, since it is closest to the true metal Jitte, in appearance and function.

This version, similar to the metal can break the lower quality bokken, my knowledge collected over the years also been used in developing the latest version.

As you can see in the picture above, special steel bolt provides strength to Kagi (hook) while blocking the more powerful attack's