NinZine-iPad.pngHello my name is Mats Hjelm. I’ve been doing web sites since 1995 (read more about that and the history below). First about this project…

NinZine 3.0 is syndicating posts from RSS feeds of what I think is good Bujinkan sources and displaying them here in this blog. It works like an electronic magazine (e-zine). Each contributor (blog that we syndicate) have different settings, some prefer to publish the whole post, some only excerpts, some no videos, some no pictures etc. We re-publish what we can from the rss feed. If you click on the articles title you will open the original source.

If you prefer to read articles with your own rss reader you can subscribe with this NinZine RSS link.

If you want to suggest another good Bujinkan source for the NinZine, please contact us. We can not take everything, but we are looking for…

  • Articles and essays that is of interest for people in the Bujinkan Dojo
  • It must be in English language, American is also ok 😉
  • Bujinkan businesses is ok, but no spamming and it should be news worthy and not only for promoting old stuff. Think news worthy.
  • If you don’t have your own blog and want to write, it is really easy to start one at WordPress.com, and completely free.

You don’t need long training experience to write interesting stuff. You could write seminar reports for example. This is something I rarely see, if you have been to a seminar why not write a short or longer report from the seminar and include a few pictures. Maybe you’re already doing that, let me know your blog so I can review it.

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floppy_disc250When writing this page I searched the Intertubes for the long lost NinZine files, but I couldn’t find them? But then I came across this F.A.Q. from 1995 when I first started making the original NinZine’s. I hardly remember what I wrote, but I don’t think I changed my attitude that much. Read the FAQ at the bottom of this page, I’m not sure I agree with everything, but I kept it for… historical reasons?

BTW If you have the old ZIP files, please send them to me!

The FIRST Bujinkan Web Site

First I run a FidoNet BBS (1992-1997 I think!) before I the web really started. Then in 1994 (I think!) I got on Compuserve and the year after in 1995 I got the internets. I started working on my web site instead of these multimedia floppy discs. By the way I claim that I have the oldest Bujinkan Web site! (there was another guy apparently training who had a profile page where he said he trained in Bujinkan, he was first to write Bujinkan on a web page but that was all). The oldest page on the Way Back Machine is this one from December 1998.

NinZine 1.0

The first issue of NinZine was release in April 1995 as a multimedia presentation on a floppy disc. It was text and pictures in low resolution. I only made five or six. After this

NinZine 2.0

Maybe my web sites was the 2.0? First was the Mats Hjelm’s Bujinkan Web Site. Then in 2000 I got my own domain name and changed the name to kabuto.nu, I later changed it to kesshi.com which is my personal Bujinkan web site still.

Or it was in October 2005 when I started the bujinkan.me rss scraper publishing thingy (like this site).

NinZine 3.0

Is what you are experiencing with this web site, hit it!.

NinZine FAQ from July 1995

NinZine FAQ - July 1995

1. What is NinZine?
2. What's the purpose of NinZine?
3. Future goals connected to NinZine.
4. Where can i find the NinZine's?
5. Available Issues.
6. Upcoming Issues.
7. How can I help?
8. End notes.
9. How to contact me.

NinZine is a shortening for "The Free Ninpo Taijutsu PC-Magazine". As
the name itself explains is that it's Free, It's about Ninpo Taijutsu,
but it's not only for PC. I make the main version with a software from
NeoSoft called Neobook, this program compiles a exe-file that can be run
in Dos-mode, the requirements are... DOS 3.1+; HERC/EGA/VGA/SVGA graph-
ics; hard disk; & 640K+ RAM; MS/Logitech compatible mouse is prefered
(it can be run without a mouse!). I have been told that NinZine can be
run on a Macintosh or Amiga with a PC-emulator. But i cannot guarantee
that it will work on all machines.

There is also an ASCII-Version, this may include some annoying Dos-
kludges in an environment else that Dos. So shoot me (if you can ;)),
I'm not an expert. In this package are also some GIF-pictures that re-
lates to the articles (I don't include all pictures, sorry!). This
package are compressed with PkZip 2.04g.

One of the purposes i decided to make NinZine was because i want to know
more about the nine traditions within Bujinkan Dojo . I know there
are many people out here that knows little or more about the Bujinkan
ryu's, that they could share with others. Together we could sum up
pretty much of the history, techniques, experiences that we all have
kept within our own dojo walls. I think we could work together.

Another important purpose is to spread the true Ninpo/Budo of Bujinkan
to all interested, and to spur those who haven't started training yet.
And to keep the glowing interest in us that have begun to fade into the
"dojo syndrome". There are a dojo list where you can find an instructor
near as possible to where you live. Seminar dates, where you could find
more inspiration.

News in the Bujinkan world are also important, letting us know if
something is happening in other countrys. Let all know that you're alive
and kicking!

1. While this may seems personal , i would like to see more Bujinkan
people connected to MAnet. This is a small network system and can not
be compared to others. This is good because I/We can control who may
get access to the files and usegroups/echo-conferences. For more
information about MAnet get MANETAPP.ZIP from my Homepage or BBS.

2. I'd like to see more Homepages on the net. If you are sincere i could
help and support you. I have limited time so don't expect too much,
but i will do my best.

3. A FAQ (or an information packet) on Bujinkan Ninpo/Budo Taijutsu, and
a FAQ on each of the Ryu's within Bujinkan. Maybe one official and one
for Instructors only. I need volunteers for this as i have pretty much
work anyway. I could work on one Ryu though. It would be good if we
could organize this in a smart way.

INTERNET: You can download the newest versions from my HomePage...

INTERNET: ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/etext/fanzines/MartialArts/NinZine

COMPUSERVE: I upload both versions to Compuserve, you can find them in
the Health & Fitness -> Martial Arts Filecabinett.

FIDONET FREQ: I have a BBS where you can Filerequest all versions of
NinZine, old and new. Filerequest is allowed 24h/day, my
Fidonet nodenumber is 2:201/2123. F'req FILES for the
complete filelist.

BBS DOWNLOAD: You can also call my BBS with an ordinary modem and commu-
nication software, the phonenumber is (46)-8-985948. The
BBS is open 24h/day all week.

MANET: The NinZines are also available from MAnet (Martial Arts &
Eastern Cultural Network) Nodes. Not all nodes/BBS's are
connected to the fileecho where NinZine is distributed.
Here are some BBS's i know have them...
Sweden, MAnet ZC BBS, 46-8-985948
(If you are interested in MAnet you may contact any of
these BBS's for more information)

IMPORTANT! This is the PC Version it Requires: DOS 3.1+; HERC/EGA/VGA/SVGA
graphics; hard disk; & 640K+ RAM (Made by Neobook); MS/Logitech compatible
mouse is prefered, (it can be run without a mouse!). I have been told that
it can be run on a Macintosh or Amiga with a PC-emulator. See below for
ASCII-version. For more info: contact [log in to unmask]

NINZINE1.ZIP 472k 01-04-95 NinZine Issue No.1 - April 1995
Kukishinden Ryu Special & Lots more!

NINZINE2.ZIP 353k 01-05-95 NinZine Issue No.2 - May 1995
Koto Ryu Special & lots more!

NINZINE3.ZIP 434k 01-06-95 NinZine Issue No.3 - June 1995
Shinden Fudo Ryu Special & lots more!

NINZINE4.ZIP 612k 01-07-95 NinZine Issue No.4 - July 1995
Takagi Yoshin & Hontai Yoshin Ryu Special
And lots more!

IMPORTANT! This is the ASCII-Version of NinZine. If you have problems with
the PC-version you can read this version instead. The textfiles are raw
ASCII with all Dos kludges and crap (sorry for this!) you may have to edit
them out. And i have also included some pictures in GIF-format, it doesn't
necessary include all pictures from the PC-version. I have compressed these
files with PkZip 2.04g.

NINZ1ASC.ZIP 426k 01-04-95 NinZine Issue No.1 - April 1995
Kukishinden Ryu Special & Lots more!

NINZ2ASC.ZIP 188k 01-05-95 NinZine Issue No.2 - May 1995
Koto Ryu Special & lots more!

NINZ3ASC.ZIP 288k 01-06-95 NinZine Issue No.3 - June 1995
Shinden Fudo Ryu Special & lots more!

NINZ4ASC.ZIP 367k 01-07-95 NinZine Issue No.4 - July 1995
Takagi Yoshin & Hontai Yoshin Ryu Special
And lots more!


Will be a GYOKKO RYU special. Please send in any information
you have about this ryu. Deadline for this issue is at the end
of July. I need articles and images (any uudecoded format).

Will be a TOGAKURE RYU special. If you have some information
about this Ryu, please write something and send it to me!
Please act fast since i need it before the end of August.
Will probably be released September 1'st, please send anything.

Will feature one of the other Ryu's in Bujinkan, I have not
decided wich one yet. When i have made the ninth NinZine, we
jump back to KUKISHINDEN RYU again. By then i hope i have got
a lot more info about KUKISHINDEN RYU from you happy readers.
I'm sure you know what i mean! So upload your information to
me :).

All help is appreciated! If you want to help me making NinZine more
interesting keep sending textfiles about Budo and Ninpo to me. These
textfiles could be...
...articles, big or small.
...news, important or less important.
...seminar dates, with contactperson and dates.
...questions, if i can't answer i'll forward your question to
NinZine for others to answer.
...send in answers or your opinion on something you read.
...Or if you have anything else you'd like to share, just send
it to me.
...you can also send me pictures for NinZine. Upload them to
the BBS or send them uuencoded in a email.
Basically send me anything you want, even soundfiles and FLI animations
could be compiled into NinZine. I haven't done that because i haven't
had time to record soundfiles and i can't make fli's, also they could
bee too big. I'd like to have NinZine under 1Mb.

1. Please feel free to distribute this textfile and NinZine's to whoever
you like. As long as you don't make a profit for it i don't mind, but
please don't change anything without permission.
2. I beg your pardon if there was anoying numbers of spelling and
sentence mistakes in this FAQ, feel fre to help me with the grammar
if you like.

INTERNET: emailaddress: [log in to unmask] and also check out my cool
homepage: http://www.algonet.se/~helmet/bujinkan.html

COMPUSERVE: 100115,2056 (I'd apreciate if you could send emails
instead, I normally logg on to CIS 2-3 times a month).

FIDONET: Fidonet 2:201/2123, MAnet 199:199/0 & 199:46/0

BBS: MNT (Moko No Tora) BBS, Sundbyberg/Stockholm, Sweden,
Phone +46-8-985948. The BBS is open 24h/day 7days/Week.

Thank you for you time!
NinPo Ikkan - BuFu Ikkan

/Mats Hjelm (Editor of NinZine)

| Mats Hjelm, ([log in to unmask])
( \ Ninpo Homepage (http://algonet.se/~helmet)

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  1. Great idea for sharing information Mats.There are many BJK members who have a load of information that they have gathered over the years.It would be terrific if they would share their knowledge with others.

  2. Hey Mats. Another good idea 😉 Interesting that I thought about you yesterday and today I just bumped to this web site 😛

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